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Korean Collections Consortium of North America: Ask a Korean Studies Librarian!

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Ask a Korean Studies Librarian!

Since 2009, the members of the Korean Collections Consortium of North America (KCCNA) have provided the “Ask a Korean Studies Librarian (or Ask Korea)”, a free-of-charge virtual professional reference service open to the public on matters related to Korean Studies. This is the only such resource in North America although the service is not limited to this continent. This reference service is initiated by KCCNA to reach out to institutions with small and medium sized Korean collections in an attempt to assist their resource needs by making accessible the collections developed by KCCNA member libraries. The KCCNA members have continued to provide reference helps to faculty, scholars, students and peer librarians who otherwise do not have access to Korean studies librarians’ expertise at their institutions. 

Each month is managed by one designated KCCNA member who rotates the monthly duty among all 13 members. The librarian who is in charged for the month answers questions while other members are all back-up assisting users with additional information. This year 13 members took their turns filling various Korea related questions from all over the world.

Schedule of 2019-2020

January 2020: USC

February 2020: U of Michigan

March 2020: U of Toronto

April 2020: Princeton

May 2020: Stanford

June 2020: U of Chicago

July 2020: UCLA

August 2020: Duke

September 2020: Harvard

October 2020: UC Berkeley

November 2020: Hawaii

December 2020: Columbia

January 2021: U of Washington

February 2021: USC

The monthly designated institution will be subject to change 

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